Interstellar K9 Council - Roadmap


Our roadmap shows where we will be once a certain precentage of our NFT collections are sold. We have devised what we think is a great roadmap to get our community more involved and also to give back to charities of our communities choice.

Sell Through Percentage - 25%

  • The MECHAWOLVES Collection will be developed
  • Interstellar Breeding Programme initiates
  • 10% of proceeds will be donated to our community voted charity
  • Interstellar K9 Council merch store opens

Sell Through Percentage - 50%

  • Interstellar Breeding Programme goes live
  • The MECHAWOLVES are launched and battle commences
  • Website community space opens including our 10ETH treasure hunt
  • Battle cards game begins development through our website

Sell Through Percentage - 75%

  • Second clue to our 10ETH treasure hunt revealed on our website
  • Our merch store will be enhanced along with charity incentive
  • Vehicles NFT collection is set in development
  • Our IK9C Token will be created and development for staking will start

Sell Through Percentage - 100%

  • Our NFT Battle Cards arena opens - Ready for battle
  • Space vehicle NFT collection is launched
  • Our staking token is launched
  • 10ETH treasure hunt winner is announced